Coronavirus is a large family of viruses, known to cause cold and Middle East respiratory syndrome (mers) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and other serious diseases. New Coronavirus is a new strain of coronavirus [2-4], which has never been found in human body before.

The common signs of coronavirus infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and dyspnea. In more severe cases, infection can lead to pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, renal failure, and even death.

There is no specific treatment for diseases caused by New Coronavirus. But many symptoms can be treated, so it needs to be treated according to the clinical situation of patients. In addition, supplementary care for infected people can be very effective. Good self-protection, including: to maintain basic hand and respiratory tract health, adhere to safe eating habits and so on [2].

According to the existing case information, New Coronavirus pneumonia is mainly manifested by fever, dry cough and fatigue. A few patients are accompanied by nasal congestion, runny nose, diarrhea and other symptoms of upper respiratory tract and digestive tract. Most of the severe cases developed dyspnea after one week, and the severe cases rapidly progressed to acute respiratory distress syndrome, septic shock, difficult to correct metabolic acidosis, coagulation dysfunction and multiple organ failure. It is worth noting that severe and critical patients may have moderate or low fever, or even no obvious fever. Mild patients only showed low fever, mild fatigue, no pneumonia. From the current situation of the cases, the prognosis of most patients is good, and a few patients are in critical condition. The prognosis of the elderly and those with chronic underlying diseases is poor. The symptoms of children were relatively mild[ 14]

Most of the following drugs have entered the clinical stage IV (ridcicvir stage III). Once again, no drug has completed the anti new crown clinical treatment and proved to be effective.

Interferon- α 2B: it belongs to spectrum antiviral drug, and its main function is to activate cells to express antiviral protein and interfere with virus replication; At the same time, it can activate immune cells (natural killer cells, macrophages) and enhance human immune function. Lopinavir / ritonavir:

This is a combination of two drugs. Lopinavir is an anti HIV drug, which blocks gag pol protease and inhibits the assembly, processing and maturation of HIV. Ritonavir can affect the metabolism of lopinavir, and increase the blood concentration of lopinavir by inhibiting CYP3A. Abidol: it is a broad-spectrum antiviral drug that has been proved to be useful in influenza.

Its action site is the fusion site of the virus and the host cell membrane. It can achieve the antiviral effect by preventing the fusion of the virus. In addition, abidol can also induce the secretion of interferon and play the role of immune regulation. Oseltamivir: it is commonly used in the treatment of influenza. It mainly plays a role in the process of the virus being released from the infected cell after the virus has replicated and is intended to infect the next cell.

Oseltamivir can inhibit the release of neuraminidase from the offspring of influenza virus, thereby inhibiting the spread of the virus. Redcivir: at present, the most concerned drug has the effect of inhibiting RNA synthetase. The drug was previously used for anti Ebola, but the effect is not clear. This time, in the rehabilitation process of a 35 year old patient in the United States, he got better quickly after "sympathizing medication", so the "green light" was quickly carried out in China for phase III trial.

RNA synthetases are also needed for coronavirus replication. We can look forward to the results of the double-blind trial in April. Thymosin A1: a few days ago, the media reported that the military medical aid team injected thymosin and rushed to Wuhan, which was very touching.

Thymosin is also a potential anti new crown drug. It is an immune enhancer, which can promote the maturation of T lymphocytes (the strongest "virus killer") in human body, enhance the secretion of interferon, and enhance the anti-virus performance of natural killer cells.
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